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OpenDS Pro 4.0 (Release Date April 15th 2016)

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OpenDS Free

OpenDS Pro


OpenDS Pro Complete


OpenDS Pro Complete CE

Esri City


Basic Platform




OpenDS Driving Simulation Platform
OpenDS source code for maximum customizability1





Atomic Motion Chair Support (new in OpenDS 4.0 Pro)  
HTML 5 HMI for ADAS or infotainment content (new in OpenDS 4.0 Pro)  
Eye-gaze Analysis Module    
Force-Feedback Support for Fanatec Clubsport Support (new in OpenDS 4.0 Pro)    
ESRI CityEngine2      
OpenDS Building rule files and textures for CityEngine (new in OpenDS 4.0 Pro)      

Content (details)




Free driving tasks and examples (new content in OpenDS 4.0)
Animated Pedestrians and Bicycles (new in OpenDS 4.0 Pro)  
ConTRe task    
Three Vehicle Platoon Task    
Three Truck Platoon Task    
Lane Change Task    
Malaysian Driving School Task (new in OpenDS 4.0 Pro)    
Package of 3 Hazard Perception Tasks (new in OpenDS 4.0 Pro)    
Access to new driving tasks released within support period    





Access to web forum and online video tutorials
Access to WIKI documentation (new in OpenDS 4.0 Pro)  
Direct E-Mal support  





OpenDS Seat Boxes contact us
Motion Chairs
Eye tracking equipment


By purchasing now, you will benefit from future features released within the support period. See our roadmap for a list of upcoming features and premium content.

Software and Support Pricing

Prices do not include VAT. This price list is valid until superseded by a new version published on this website (www.opends.eu).


Main Packages


OpenDS Free


OpenDS Pro

incl. 1 year basic support and upgrades

400 €
Academic: 300 €

OpenDS Pro Complete

incl. all driving tasks, 1 year basic support and upgrades

1 350 €
Academic: 750 €

OpenDS Pro Complete CE

incl. ESRI CityEngine*, all driving tasks, 1 year basic support and upgrades

2 750 €
Academic: 1 550 €


The default support period for all OpenDS packages is 1 year, but they can be extended at a discounted rate (see “Extension / Upgrade Packages” below for details). In special cases (e.g. when your budget requires expenses at the beginning of a project), we can also offer multi-year support contracts handled as a one-time fee (please contact us directly and state your requirements).

* The license for ESRI CityEngine is “Basic Single Use” for the normal license and “Advanced Single Use Educational Teaching & Research Lab Kit” for the academic license. The license “Advanced Single Use” is available on special request (please ask for pricing). Upgrades refer to the main OpenDS software only, not to CityEngine.


Premium Content


If you prefer to buy items listed in the "Content" section above

Standard: 400 € / item

Academic: 200 € / item


OpenDS Pro Complete / Pro Complete CE already includes all content listed in this table released during the support period. Other versions of OpenDS may include some of the content (check the features table). Content purchased separately can be used with any version of OpenDS, including OpenDS Free. The items in this table generally do not include source code.

For content expected to be released in the near future, check our roadmap.


Extension / Upgrade Packages

If you already own a Pro version of OpenDS, you can extend the support period by purchasing an extension package. The extension will also enable you to obtain the latest version of the acquired components during the new extended support period. Extension packages can be purchased at any time during the support period, but cannot be obtained later than 60 days after the end of the previous support period (including extended support periods). After this time, a new main package needs to be purchased to receive the latest version and support. The edition (e.g. Pro, Pro CE, Pro Complete, Pro Complete CE) and type of license (e.g. Academic) for the extension must match the edition and license of the original main package.

OpenDS Pro - Extension


60% of the original price


Trial Versions

Your first option for evaluating OpenDS is by downloading installing OpenDS Free and running one of the included example driving tasks. If you are interested in premium driving tasks and other content, you can check out our descriptions and videos on the Driving Tasks page. Finally, if you would like to try out a particular task or other premium content hands-on, we may provide you with a trial version of the corresponding component – just send us an inquiry.


All OpenDS Pro license fees (including content) refer to a single installation (not bound to a particular machine). If you wish to use multiple installations concurrently, you will have to acquire the corresponding number of licenses.

The licenses for ESRI CityEngine are always “Single Use” licenses, which means that they are bound to one particular machine and installation. It is however possible to “move” the license to another machine at a later time.


In the Accessories menu you find more products such as seat boxes, projection equioment, and motion chairs.


1 Source code is only available for the components included in OpenDS Free.
2 License: “Basic Single Use” (normal) or “Advanced Single Use Educational Teaching & Research Lab Kit” (academic).