…the flexible open source driving simulation

On this page, you find a description of the official driving tasks available for OpenDS. 

We are commited to introduce controlled driving tasks for a large number of research questions and experimental designs. Thereby, we regard the level of control and the level of realism as a trade-off. On the left side of this spectrum (most controlled), you will find the ConTRe task, which allows very finde-grained analaysis of driving performance. One step to the right (more realistic) is the Three Vehicle Platoon Task (TVP). There, the subject drives the middle car of a platoon of three cars running down a straight road. All Controlled Driving Tasks are validated. Read more in the task descriptions and find the task that suits your experiment best. 

If you need a more complex scene for your application or experiment, you can also order a ready-made custom driving tasks. In this section, we show examples of such scenes we created on behalf of our customers. Get inspired by the possibilites.