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Testing and evaluating interactive vehicular applications is one of the main application areas for OpenDS. In order to faciliate research involving a multifunctional car HMI, we developed OpenDS-HMI.

OpenDS-HMI is extendable to enable researchers to build their own applications or adapt existing functions. It is designed to be usable for both software engineers and researchers without technical background. It runs on both desktop systems as well as mobile devices.  

The stand-alone module receives relevant data from OpenDS via WebSocket connection and integrates this data into so-called presentation tasks, which are predefined by the developer in an XML derivative. Depending on the driving situation the presentation tasks can be started, updated or stopped. The UI is realized in HTML5, which enables the use of any modern web browser as rendering platform.

The Design of OpenDS-HMI as well as the selected pre-defined functions is based on our earlier work in the research project SIM-TD (Safe intelligent mobility -- test area Germany). However, instead on the original Flash-based implementation, OpenDS-HMI is reimplemented in HTML5. The HMI consists of a main screen and a horizontal icon bar on top. The original SIM-TD HMI furthermore supported switching from the main screen to a navigation as well as a system-messages screen. One of the main core functionalities of the SIM-TD HMI was the integrated priority management, handling a large number of separate functions. We intend to reimplement those features in a fucture release on OpenDS-HMI. 

The table below shows a list of relevant SIM-TD functions and application cases, partly reimplemented in OpenDS-HMI. 


Traffic Functions


Traffic (flow) information and navigation

- Foresighted road/traffic information (not available yet)

- Road works information system

- Advanced route guidance and navigation (not available yet)


Driving and safety Functions


Local danger alert

- Obstacle warning 

- Congestion warning

- Road weather warning

- Emergency vehicle warning (not available yet) 


Driving assistence 

- Traffic violation assistant/warning

- Traffic light phase assistant/traffic light violation warning

- Extended electronic brake light

- Intersection and cross traffic assistance



Additional services Functions


Internet access and local information services 

- Internet-based usage of services (not available yet)

- Location-dependent services (not available yet)