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Esri City Engine is a powerful tool for modeling urban environments including streets. It is based on procedural modeling, i.e. you can write rules that describe objects (for example houses) and reuse the rules with different parameters to quickly build entire cities. Esri already provides a number of example rule sets that you can use out of the box. In OpenDS 4.0 Pro, we provide for the first time our own rule set. 

Please find below a few links that might help you with the decision on whether or not you want to use CityEngine for creating your OpenDS models.

The official Esri CityEngine Page  

The "Complete Streets" example. We picked this example because this rule set is extremely useful for OpenDS modeling.

Show case examples

The OpenDS Building Catalog. This is a "living document" on google drive, where we post new pictures and rule descriptions as they become available.

The majority of the driving tasks we provide with OpenDS Pro are made with CityEngine. It allows a very efficient modeling of small and medium size city environments. For large models, we recommend Virtence Titan.