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We are committed to enhancing and extending OpenDS with new features in the future. This means that your investment in this platform will pay off. We are always interested in hearing about what you are using OpenDS for and which features you would like to see most in the future so we can prioritize our development efforts. And if you have developed a useful add-on or model for OpenDS that could be valuable for the community, consider including it in the OpenDS core package. Just drop us a line via our forum or the contact form!
If you purchase OpenDS today, you can expect the following features in the future. Features marked with  are premium content only available as part of OpenDS Pro Complete or for separate purchase. Features marked with  are optional features and can be combined with all available OpenDS packages, content is not upgradable.



OpenDS 4.5 (expected release: 13th of December 2016) with 30 days TRIAL license for Pro content. 

  • New & updated driving tasks 
    • Highway Task (2 versions) 
    • Support of US metric system
  • AutoPilot feature (we are in sync with the industry) 
  • New audio engine
  • Clutch pedal in manual transmission mode
  • Support of Tobii EyeX eye tracker  
  • Engine braking effect
  • Documentation update
  • New animations for driving training session 
    • Variable Message Sign
    • Dynamic Speed Sign
    • Arrow Sign
    • Police Car
    • Blinking Cone Lamp
  • New road signs
  • New road objects
  • New models of the cars
  • Improve in performance
    • We support up to 60 moving objects with 75FPS. Feel the difference! 
  • New cargo car model. Precise and realistic, feel the difference with DK2 VR glasses  
  • View from the cargo car interior  
    • Dynamic instrument cluster
    • Dynamic steering wheel

OpenDS 4.0 (released since the 15th of April 2016)

  • Bicycle support
  • Game Engine Update (jMonkeyEngine 3.1 Alpha 1): various bugfixes, improvements on the lighting, the audio, and the networking side..
  • Optimization (rendering, physics simulation, trigger checks, autonomous vehicles)
  • Enhanced stats screen (coordinate axes and resource consumption)
  • Support for various sky texture formats: large-scaled choice of horizon background displays
  • Added trigger action for custom data logging (ReportTextTriggerAction)
  • Manual gear shift available: the User Interface is now easier to use and the support has been improved
  • Added position-based event triggering during camera flight
  • Git repository for code sharing opened
  • Documentation update
  • Enhanced support for Fanatec wheels and pedals including force feedback
  • New & updated driving tasks
  • Enhanced support for Atomic Motion Chairs


Previous Releases

OpenDS 3.5 (released: 13th November 2015)

  • Pedestrian support
  • Bundeled HMI solution
  • Motorway Task
  • Countyside2 track
  • Village2 track
  • Force Feedback
  • Movie player integration
  • Change weather settings during runtime
  • Start configuration file (can replace settings screen)
  • Simplified setup of multiple screens
  • Physics for driving large commercial vehicles (trucks, buses…)
  • Event-triggering via server
  • Combined pedals issue solved

OpenDS 3.0 (released May 2015)

  • Oculus Rift support o Static car interior
  • Lane Change Test rebuilt 
  • Adaptive cruise control (ACC)
  • Support for AMS Motion Seats through Simphinity
  • Large city model ("BigCity")
  • Several new car models
  • Interface for DATAQ Data Acqisition Devices 
  • Three Truck Platoon Tast including 70 km long road with hill scenery 
  • Visual parking brake indicator
  • Acoustic and visual turn signal
  • Automatically switch off turn signal after steering
  • Snow, rain, and fog can be adjusted during runtime
  • Fog now available in multi-screen setup
  • Debugged mouse pointer issue in “ReactionTest” driving task
  • Extended logging of 3VPT 
  • Added cross wind triggers
  • Database connection for eye-gaze analysis module 

OpenDS 2.5 (released 17th September 2014)

  • Eye-tracker integration for scene ray casting: Record which environment entities the user focuses and analyze gaze timings. Universal interface with built-in support for recent Tobii eye-trackers.
  • Multi-driver environment:
    • connect multiple user-controlled vehicles to the same simulation
    • feed computer-generated tracks to the simulated environment
    • Multi-driver server available
  • Geo-referencing tool available
  • Improved CityEngine integration (direct export)
  • Premium model: Eisenbahnstraße (based on a high-polished CityEngine model)
  • Improved Three Vehicle Platoon Task
  • Changes:
    • Introduced trigger node
    • Top-down view (with position marker)
    • Hood can be shown
    • Cruise control
    • Set outside camera position
    • Video capturing
    • Debugged SettingsControllerServer
    • Debugged camera flight