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The OpenDS 2016 User Convention will be again held in conjunction with the International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications AutomotiveUI.


Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan (Venue)

Date: 24rd of October 2016 (workshop day of AutomotiveUI). The main conference will be on the 25th and 26th of October. 

Registration: Contact us

Program / Agenda: tbd.




After 2013, the OpenDS User Convention will be held for the second time in conjunction AutoUI. OpenDS is one of the most popular open-source driving simulations. It is used world-wide at a large number of universities, research institutes, and industrial R&D departments. The main application area is assessment of driving performance (and biometrical measures) related to interactive in-car systems. Recently, driver training has become an emerging application area as well. As many recent user requests were related to studying Human Factors in automated driving, we decided to make this topic the motto of the event. The OpenDS team will present the first concepts implemented in the latest release. We will furthermore develop a roadmap for the upcoming years together with the participants. The traditional application areas will also be covered: We will introduce the latest release; give tutorials on using the system, working with the code, and driving tasks.