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We now also offer complete static simulator equipment. The OpenDS static simulator "seat box" is comprised of the following components that can also be ordered separately.



Dashboard Module features

  • adaptable height of dashboard

  • robust and yet lightweight construction

  • depending on choice of dashboard (brand, model) including lower center stack and compartments

  • the standard module comes with a Smart Fortwo dashboard. Additional charges apply with medium or premium class dashboards. The dashboards are used but in excellent condition. Please allow time for research on the availability of the dashboard of your choice.

Seat Module features

  • height of original car seat

  • seat adjustments remain functional

  • the standard configuration comes with two seat modules

Projector Module features

  • projector mounts included (optional projectors also included).

  • side areas foldable

  • including projection surface for front-projection

Hardware Package features

  • 3 projectors Acer P5207B

  • Computer with GeForce GTX 970 Gaming 4G graphics card, Windows 7 Professional, Core™ i5-4590 CPU,  Z97 GAMING 5 Mainboard, 1 TB hard drive, DIMM 16 GB DDR3-1600 memory

  • Steering wheel motor (Logitech or Fanatec)

  • Pedals (original car pedals, Logitech, Fanatec)

Assembling options

  1. Assembling instructions only including list of parts with article numbers (to be ordered directly from ITEM or compatible aluminium profiles/parts supplier).

  2. All parts prepared for assembling. The modules will be pre-assembled and then disassembled and packaged for shipping. Package includes assembling instructions.

  3. Complete assembled modules.

Shipping options

  1. Electronically worldwide (assembling option 1 only)

  2. Parcel service / freight forwarding agency worldwide

  3. Direct delivery by us including bringing the modules into service (Europe only)

Standard configuration

1x Dashboard Module based on SmartFortwo

2x Seat Module

1x Projector Module

1x Hardware Package

Assembling option 2

Shipping option 2