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Eye-gaze Analysis


Some very interesting uses for driving simulators are the studies of which regions in the environment the users focus on with their eye-gaze, e.g. buildings, road signs, pedestrians, billboards etc. Since version 2.5, OpenDS supports the analysis of gaze targets in the scenery through entity fixation time metrics. All fixation times will be logged together with a timestamp, the name of the focused object and the exact coordinates where the eye gaze met the object.


Eye-tracking Hardware

OpenDS allows various common types of eye-trackers to be connected. The software uses an interface through which coordinates can be fed into the simulator. You may need to write a small piece of software that bridges the gap between your eye-tracker’s proprietary API and the OpenDS interface.

For Tobii eye-trackers, we could provide the modified SDK example, so they can be connected and used for analyses immediately. From those eye-trackers, information like gaze position, eye position, distance between eye and eye-tracker as well as pupil diameter can be retrieved.